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When you partner with MIBS, we align our deep domain knowledge in data analytics, advanced contact center operations, and integration of third-party databases to enhance your customer interaction giving your organization a competitive edge with increased efficiency while driving down the costs. Partner with us to rethink customer service and give your customer a 360⁰ multichannel experience that ensures customer delight and increases your brand image.

Inbound Services

Inbound Customer Care

Engaging and managing all communications that are initiated by the customer with the organisation and the brand.

QRC (Query-Request-Complaint)

Managing QRC by categorizing incoming customer interaction into these 3 categories and then identifying the right team/department and allocating the request to them.

Churn Management & Retention

Managing communications to ensure high customer satisfaction and retention.

Product Support

Entire plethora of services to ensure that the end users of products have access to all documentation needed to conduct daily operations and access to aid in case of a malfunction.

On-call Authorization

Ensuring that the privileged information of your customers is secure by a series of on-call authorisation guidelines customised and implemented to your needs.

New Customer Acquisition

Enabling a smoother and more effective process to acquiring and engaging new customers.

Order Taking/ Reservations

Managing all the orders and providing the support needed to ensure that flow of sequences from order to delivery is in place and operates with an efficiency that translates to quality and pace.

Outbound Services

Appointment Setting

Opening dialogue and creating appointments for your sales team to turn leads into closures.

Lead Generation

Beginning with data scrapping and ending with the process of lead validation ensuring that organisations have only relevant leads in the pipe line.


Managing all activities that need to be under taken to ensure collection of payments.

Close-Loop Calling

Enabling organisations with access to communicate and analyse every customer feedback with the aid of our skilled managers to ensure that an organisation’s service or product is always relevant.

Survey Services

Creating and running customised surveys for organisations to understand the customers inputs on products, services, brand perception and more

Cross/ Up-selling

Reaching out to customers based on past data of communications with the brand to enable a more insightful structure to cross and up selling contact with existing customers.

KYC & Verification Calling

Ensuring consistent upgrades to customer database to ensure better service delivery and customer retention.

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