About MIBS (Mascon International Business Services)

Catalysts of business transformation and operational excellence

Born from the legacy of our 39-years old parent company MASCON, which is one of the leading business support services company based out of India, MIBS (based out of Myanmar) has become the trusted partner for some of the largest public and private enterprises across the Southeast Asia. MIBS is focused on business transformation through optimized and orchestrated business support services and technology innovations that help improve customer confidence and business efficiency.

Business Support Services

Think beyond outsourcing. Think agility. Think operational excellence. Think efficiency.

Leverage a legacy built over three decades of transforming critical support services and business processes for development of a competitive edge.

Technology Support Services

Technology services that digitally transform your business for that extra edge.

Provide organizations with the technological competency needed to enable transformations that impact business outcomes. Bespoke development to resourcing solutions.

What Makes Us Who We Are

Operational cost efficiency, business process transformation, or business scalability on your mind?

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